Connect The Door: one-stop manufacturing network connection under the operation of “Taratorn Group”


Connect The Door: one-stop manufacturing network connection under the operation of “Taratorn Group”


Thanks to extensive experiences as a professional engineer in Metalworking, Mr. Surachai Tangtaratorn successfully entered Machinery & Tools distribution industry. Aiming to become a leader in technology and innovation that helps increase the manufacturing efficiency for business operators, Mr. Surachai established “Taratorn Group” with three other business partners including Factory Max Co.,Ltd., HSM Machinery Co.,Ltd. and TaeguTec (Thailand) Ltd.

The use of application technology to win over customers and suppliers

Growing up in a family which has been in metalworking industry since he was a child enables Mr. Surachai to fully understand manufacturing industry. At the same time, this has also enabled him to establish good relationships with customers and suppliers. Mr. Surachai reveals that: “I didn’t start as a seller or distributor. Normally, many companies started with the knowledge of distributing channels and they knew how to connect customers to suppliers since day one. However, in my case, I had to start from scratch. I didn’t know anything about customers and I had only a number of suppliers in my hand. The thing that we had was the connection with application technology that enabled us to successfully connect with customers and suppliers. This means that we first went to meet customers not as someone who knows them, but as someone who knows their technology. We didn’t know them personally but we knew what they were producing. We connected customers to suppliers.


That’s what makes us different from others. At that time, we didn’t know if it would be successful but we were certain that it would be of great benefit to customers. Price cutting is not our style. Sure, it would enable customers to buy products at 3-5% cheaper prices compared to overall production cost. However, our method is to use technology to increase the factory’s manufacturing efficiency and to prove to our customers that our technology can help them increase their profits while simultaneously reducing production costs by more than 20%. This has continuously earned us trust and confidence among customers.” With this concept, the new technical center has been opened under the operation of “Taratorn Group”.

Technical Center: one-stop learning center

In order to provide maximum benefits to customers, Mr. Surachai decided to give knowledge by means of seminar in Bangkok and its vicinity. That’s the main reason for the establishment of the company’s first technical center on the area of 1,000 square meters. “The investment in the establishment of this one-stop technical learning center is simply a result of our belief that it will answer the needs of customers. Therefore, customers are at the core of this idea. We have “know how” as well as skillful engineers that have been invited to give knowledge to other companies in Australia, Indonesia and Vietnam for many years in a row. We have a great deal of knowledge around us. Therefore, this technical center is like an academy that gathers all skills and knowledge as well as working processes and solutions which can be found here only.” This means that this technical center is highly efficient in terms of machineries, personnel, skills and knowledge. It comes as no surprise that it is expected to bring knowledge in form of manufacturing technology from various countries around the world.

The seminar that makes customers fully understand the technology

“During the seminar, we will give a chance to suppliers to promote their technology with no time limit. Customers will be center of the seminar. No matter what industry they are from, we are able to come up with the form of seminar that provide them with maximum benefits in their industries, such as Mold and Die Pavilion, Sheet Metal Pavilion and Production Pavilion. Every seminar will serve the needs of customers in line with their industries. As such, customers will receive knowledge and suitable technology to increase their efficiency, ranging from machineries, measuring tools to machining tools and others. There will be no separation between companies. What’s more, in the future, there will be Video Conference so that our overseas suppliers will be able to give their knowledge directly from manufacturers and to provide interactive Q&A session which will be very beneficial to customers.”


Limitless Showroom & Exhibition that truly provides to all innovations

“All machines in this technical center are fully supported by suppliers in terms of machineries, tools and equipment. Customers will be able to see the machines’ 100% efficiency and, at the same time, these machines will be able to serve all suppliers’ activities. As such, this technical center is perfectly capable of displaying the efficiency of machineries and tools.”

Building solution workshop to answer all the needs for the best manufacturing

“Whenever our customers have questions, we can instantly organize solution workshop for them. This doesn’t mean that we will provide only proposal to customers like in the past. However, customers will be able to see actual working process that truly answers their needs. In addition, they will be able to test actual work with one-stop working technique including machineries, measuring tools and machining tools which are all systematically connected to provide customers with maximum efficiency by a team of skillful engineers. This is in line with our slogan ‒ We can maximize your profit.” Today, we may see many technical centers in many companies. However, what sets “Taratorn” Group’s technical center apart is its visionary leader. Mr. Surachai concludes that: “Since we are already in the position of distributor who understands the solution of machineries and tools, we will gather all manufacturing solutions and provide them to our customers. This place will create a new dimension in which a technical center is not only a showroom but also a place that helps expand thinking frames to be limitless both in terms of efficiency and time. With this in mind, we are no longer just a “Trading Company” but we are “Engineering Company”.

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