About Sisma

Sisma, a growing path for over fifty years

Established in Schio (VI) in 1961, Sisma is a worldwide reference for the design and production of extremely high precision machinery. Innovative by vocation, Sisma combines an independent and cutting edge design and production organization with a wealth of highly specialized human resources, thus guaranteeing top product quality as well as thorough and prompt assistance.

Our company’s philosophy, aimed at satisfying the specific needs of customers, is the result of an inborn strategic imperative that contributes to affirming the role of Sisma as a maker of excellence in the world of industrial mechanics.

At Sisma, the extensive experience and technical know-how blends with productive efficiency and innovative spirit to promptly answer to the evolution of the markets. The power to create special, customized machines is but another jewel in Sisma’s crown.

Having a quality management system that complies with ISO 9001 international standards earned us our Certification.

Completing the picture of productive excellence is our consultancy, technical assistance and training service which, thanks to the sales network and branches present the world over, makes Sisma the ideal partner for reliability, efficiency and flexibility.

Seeing Sisma’s products first hand is simple: our foreign branches, representatives, qualified network of agents and the many international trade fairs in the various industries of reference are the worldwide showcase of Sisma products.


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HSM Machinery Co.,Ltd. In line with continuing growth of the automotive industry, mold & die and other metal working industries in Thailand
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